Table of Contents

What is Autodetect?

The Autodetect feature is used to automatically create Alerts, Dashboards, Logs, Polled Data, Process Groups from a selection of commonly used Components detected on your selected servers.

What Components are Supported by Autodetect?

We are always adding new Components to Autodetect as indicated by customer demand. Currently, Autodetect supports the following Components:

  • ActiveMQ
  • apache
  • Cassandra
  • couchdb
  • db2
  • exchange
  • glassfish3
  • hacmp
  • haproxy
  • hbase
  • hdfs
  • ibm_websphere_mqserver
  • iis
  • jboss
  • jetty
  • memcached
  • mongodb
  • mysql
  • nginx
  • nodejs
  • oracle_database
  • passenger
  • php_master
  • php_pool
  • phusion_passenger
  • postgresql
  • rabbitmq
  • redis
  • resque
  • riak
  • sendmail
  • sqlserver
  • tomcat
  • xenapp
  • zookeeper

*Please note that autodetect only uses our community templates. Any process groups using user created templates will need to be done manually.

How Do I Use Autodetect?

The Autodetect feature can be found in Admin tab.


Clicking on the Autodetect widget will bring up a list of servers. Simply select whichever servers you would like to scan for any of the predefined Components and click “Start Autodetect.”


A dialogue window listing the detected Components will pop up once detection is complete. All detected Components will be selected by default. You may deselect any Components that you do not wish to set up resources for by clicking the “X” icon on the associated components. You may also reselect any desired Components by clicking the associated “+” icon. Click the “Next” button to create resources for these Components once you have your desired Components selected.


All predefined resources will be selected by default in the “Create Component resources” screen. Deselect any undesired resources as needed and select the appropriate Process Group to add the servers to. You may use the default existing process group, or create a new one. Press the “Create Resources” button once you have these configured to your needs. Once you have created resources for all of your desired components, press “Done.”

What if I Want to Use custom Components Settings?

To add, delete, or customize your settings, use the appropriate widget. You will find these in the Admin screen, as well. You can find information on these widgets in their respective documentation.