Table of Contents:

Dashboard Navigation

The dashboards page can be accessed by clicking the icon located at the left side of the AppFirst webapp.


When you first get to the Dashboard page it should automatically load whichever Dashboard was last viewed.  To change to another dashboard, you use the Search/Dropdown bar located on the top left of the webapp.


Creating Dashboards

To add a new Dashboard, select the button located next to the Dashboard dropdown menu.  This will bring up a field which can be used to name the Dashboard.  Once you have filled in a name for the Dashboard, click Create and the Dashboard will be created.


Once you have created a dashboard, the next step will be to add instrumentation in the form of widgets.  See the instructions below for using the Widget Market and configuring widgets.

Widget Market

The Widget Marketplace is used to add new widgets to your dashboards and displays various software components that can be monitored and configured based on user preferences.  To access the Widget Market, click the the Widget Market box located at the bottom of the Dashboard that you wish to add a widget to.


The Widget Market also includes both a search and filter feature to help users quickly find the best widget for their components. Find the search bar in the top right of this screen.


Configuring a Widget

Once a widget is selected, a configuration dialog should appear to allow the user enter any user configurable parameters for that widget.

Log Count Metric

Display the number of Info, Warning, or Critical Log Messages of any Log File


Display the values of up to 6 metrics from multiple external data sources

Polled Data Metrics

View Polled Data metrics on a graph or in a list. Graphs with multiple Polled Data values can be shown in the widget’s detail view.

Polled Data Status

Display the recent statuses of any individual Polled Data item

Process Group

Display any metric from any Process Group

Process Metric

Display any metric from any individual running Process

Server Metric

Display any metric from any individual running Server


Display any custom metric you’ve implemented with StatsD. This widget includes the ability to add a Holt Winters Threshold. Navigate here for more information on StatsD Holt Winters.


Displays the Average Response Time, Uptime percentage, and the number of Alerts over a specified time period for either a Server Group, or all servers


Display the CPU, Memory, Disk Busy, and Disk Space of your Servers or Process Groups

TV Mode

 TV Mode

TV Mode is a special viewing mode for a Single Dashboard view. It is intended for viewing a dashboard on a large screen. Upon entering TV Mode, sidebars and headers on the page are hidden to create a full-screen effect. A user can choose to display all of the Dashboard’s Widgets at once, or they can be paged in order to fit many widgets on the same screen. Users can chose how many widgets are displayed in this mode and the length of interval between screens in seconds by hovering over the TV icon until dialog box appears.


Clicking on the TV mode icon while in TV mode will return to the Dashboard view.