Log Search/Log Watch

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AppFirst provides the ability to search your logs and watch them come in live. In order to use Log Search and Log Watch, you’ll need to have your logs configured in AppFirst. For details on how to do that, you can check out our Logs documentation.

Log Search

Navigate to the Log Search page by hovering over the Logs icon on the bottom of the navigation and clicking Log Search.
Select your Log Source(s) from the drop down at top left. Type in keyword(s) you’d like to search for and choose a time range to search within. You can select which severity the log messages are that you are search within, or simply let it default to ‘All’. Click “Search Logs”.


You can hover over the graph to see the time and number of messages.
You can filter results by logs or filter message by specific words.

Finally, AppFirst provides the ability to export the search results as a CSV.


Log Watch

The AppFirst Log Watch feature allows you to watch logs from multiple servers and sources as they are indexed.

Navigate to the Log Watch page by hovering over the Logs icon on the bottom of the navigation and clicking Log Watch. Choose any number of log sources you want to watch from the selection box on the left. Chosen sources will be highlighted in green.

Log Watch

AppFirst will display log events as they are indexed in real time. Hovering over a message will turn it green and highlight the log source above in blue.


Adding an Additional Frame

You have the ability to split the screen vertically or horizontally to add more space to watch your live logs. This is helpful if you’ve just pushed new code and need to monitor your log files for errors, as well many other use cases.

Log Watch - Two Frames

Click the plus sign image in the bottom right to add more frames. Click the horizontal or vertical lines next to the plus sign to switch from vertical to horizontal frames.

Log Watch - Two Frames (Horizontal)