Process Groups

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The AppFirst collector gathers information about all the processes on your servers. A Process Group is a group of processes across any number of servers. You can add and label your Process Groups on AppFirst so that each one represents a specific component of your infrastructure.

How to add a Process Group (PG)

Navigate to the Admin page and click the Organize Processes widget. In the Organize Processes page, click “Add Process Group” on the right side of the page. In the Add Process Group page, give your new PG a name, and then select the Target and Template. The Target can be a single server, multiple servers, or a Server Group.

*Please note that filtering and selecting server(s) after already having selected server(s) will cause the new server(s) selection not to save the changes.


Templates are a collection of rules for matching processes collected on your selected servers. When selecting a Template, you can select from the pre-made Community Templates, or create your own. If you create your own, click “New Template” and then enter the processes you’d like to include in that Process Group.


Once you use a Template, it will get stored in the “My Templates” tab. If a Template no longer meets your needs you can delete it.

*Note: If you delete a Template, any Process Groups that use that Template will be deleted as well.

Viewing Process Groups

In the Process Groups Page

To view all of your Process Groups, click on the Process Groups icon in the left-side vertical navigation. In this page, you’ll see all resources for this PG and all the grouped processes. Click of the resource names in the top right of the page to view that Process Group’s resource consumption in Correlate. In the Processes table below, you can sort by any resource, search for processes, or click on a process to view it in Correlate.


In the Dashboard

You can view Process Group data in the Dashboard by using either the System widget or Process Group widget.



In Correlate or Browse

Graph any of your Process Groups to view data over time.