Server Tags

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You can tag your servers to organize them into logical groupings (ex: Production, Dev, East Coast, West Coast, FE, BE, etc.) to assist with visualizing and managing them.

How to add a Server Tag

Navigate to Administration – Organize Servers. The page will default to the Tag Servers tab. In this tab, click “Add a Server Tag” on the right side of the page.

In the “Add/Edit Server Tag” page, create a name for your new Server Tag then click “Add Servers.” Select the servers you’d like to tag by clicking the check mark next to the server – you’ll see they turn green once you select them.

Add Server Tag

Click the “Add Servers” button to move on. The next page will show you a quick summary of the Servers you tagged. Click Save to save your new Server Tag.

Screen Shot 2014-05-05 at 11.31.31 AM

Editing/Deleting Server Tags

To edit a Server Tag, click on the Server Tag name, then click the X next to the servers you want to remove, or click “Add Servers” to add more servers to this tag.

To delete a Server Tag, click the grey check mark. Once the check mark turns to green, a “Delete Selected” option will appear above. Go ahead and click that and you’re done.

Server Tag Alerts

Easily manage alerts by using tags and setting thresholds across a group of servers rather than handling each of your servers one-by-one.

*Note: For Server Tag Alerts, you will have to specify a minimum number of servers that are experiencing the alert behavior in order to trigger the alert. You’ll also need to specify an individual server to visualize on the graph.

Create Server Tag Alert