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Each month, we’ll give you a run down of all the new features we’ve released with links to their dedicated blog post and help documentation. Enjoy!

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August 2014

New Dashboard Management – August 25

We changed our layout for Dashboard Management. This layout gives an improved interface for creating, editing, and navigating between your Dashboards.

Windows Collector Version 67 – August 22

Version 67 for Windows provides increased library stability, lower bandwidth requirements, and enhanced support for programs with intercept functions such as Citrix Xenapp.

Dashboard Summary Widget – August 12

There is now a Summary widget available in our widget marketplace. The Summary widget displays the Average Response Time, Uptime percentage, and the number of Alerts over a specified time period for either a Server Group, or all servers.

July 2014

Support for Red Hat 7 – July 1

June 2014

New UI Released in Production – July 18

AFv2 Bug Fixes – June 4

Numerous fixes to our new UI.

API Fixes – June 2

Updates to improve APIs.

May 2014

Linux Collector Version 97 – May 16

Made improvements to network statistics.

April 2014

Devices – April 10

Initial release of Devices supports VMware’s ESXi.

Solaris Collector – April 7

AppFirst recently released a collection agent for Solaris 10 and 11, on both the SPARC and Intel platforms.

March 2014

Linux Collector Version 94 – March 31

Improved Log Search capabilities, bug fixes for KDE support, and new features to support Devices (coming soon).

API Support for Analytical Alerting – March 17

Updated New Relic Integration released into Beta – March 6

February 2014

API v4 – February 28

API v4 introduces pagination into AppFirst.

January 2014

Roles – January 23

Roles allows users to better manage account permissions in AppFirst.

December 2013

Analytical Alerting – December 28

We’re taking alerting to the next level by introducing our Out-of-Band Analytical Alerting. Set up smarter alerts based on what’s “normal” for your applications and infrastructure.

November 2013

Flag Visualization: Time Correction – November 20

As virtual machines become more popular, it’s important to keep the date/time information on that machine current otherwise it could be susceptible to time skewing. We’ll report if the host’s date/time are out of sync by more than 24 hours.

Log Search & Log Watch Public Beta – November 18

Our Log Search and Log Watch tools have been released in a public beta.

PagerDuty Integration – November 13

Combine AppFirst’s robust alerting features with PagerDuty’s notification, on-call, and escalation solution, to create a complete alert management solution.

CloudWatch Support – November 13

If you’re an AWS user using CloudWatch, you can now integrate all your CloudWatch metrics into the AppFirst platform.

Linux Collector Version 91 – November 11

Just some good ol’ bug fixes.

This latest release includes support for Windows 8.1 and Windows Server 2012 R2, along with some bug fixes.

October 2013

Mark Alerts as Resolved – October 29

You can now mark alerts in AppFirst as “Resolved,” letting people know that even though something isn’t quite normal, everything is a-ok.

Solaris Collector (beta) – October 29

AppFirst is releasing support of our collection technology for Solaris platforms. We are doing a beta release for a few users to get validation and feedback.

Linux Collector Version 88 – October 4

This latest release includes a bug fix to address collector behavior during network instability.

September 2013

Multi Value Widget – September 30

This new Dashboard widget allows you to visualize up to six different polled data metrics (Nagios plugins, Windows Performance Counters, and JMX metrics) into a single widget.

Linux Collector Version 87 – September 20

Version 87 for Linux includes many o’ bug fixes – some for Java, some for Collector Profiles, and some for memory and process information for CentOS.

Log Search & Log Watch (Beta) – September 18

We released our newest Log applications in Beta this month. Sign up for our Beta Program if you want to try!

Windows Collector Version 63 – September 12

Version 63 for Windows includes the ability to handle CPUs that have more than 32 cores, a fix for some exited processes reporting as not exited, and better resiliency for when the collector cannot contact our backend.

Application Templates – September 12

The workflow for creating, editing, and deleting Application Templates has been improved, including a number of bug fixes.